Integrative Nutritional Health Coach

The Wheel of Life

Health Coaches help clients develop strategies to enact real, lasting lifestyle changes that enhance overall well-being. While there are many possibilities for how Health Coaches can help their clients, their role is not to diagnose, treat, or take responsibility for bringing about wellness changes in a client's life; rather, a Health Coach supports clients in mobilizing internal strengths and external resources to achieve self-determined health and wellness goals.

Health Coaches use a forward-thinking approach. Their support is both evidence- and experience-based; it's a combination of traditional and modern approaches catered to each bio-individual client. In addition to supporting clients with specific dietary and lifestyle goals, Health Coaches empower clients to choose health-promoting behaviors that work for them. They raise awareness and offer support as clients move on their own terms toward the greater health they want for themselves. Coaching can lead to long-term behavior change because Health Coaches help clients make the sustainable shifts that form a strong and mindful foundation for achieving goals.

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