Buffalo Robe Healing

The buffalo is considered a sacred animal in the Native American culture. Its role goes beyond providing food and clothing for the people. The buffalo is believed to possess spiritual power and is revered as a symbol of strength, abundance, and unity within the tribe. The animal represents the balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Cochise will be present from beginning to end while creating and maintaining a safe and sacred container. A tobacco offering will be made and you'll set intention before getting wrapped. You will receive a sage smudging before and a cedar blessing after your session. As you emerge from your session you will step through the sacred hoop for grounding and moving forward. You will have some integration time at the sacred fire or sitting mother earth or both. You will  hear gentle drumming, rattling and chanting during your session to assist with transformation, healing, journeys and revelations. 

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50 Minutes


Buffalo's Spiritual Significance in Native American Beliefs

Native American Perspectives On Spirituality And The Power Of The Buffalo

Have you ever wondered about the spiritual connections between Native Americans and the buffalo? Native American perspectives on spirituality and the power of the buffalo hold a significant place in their culture. In this blog post, we will explore the significance and contributions of the buffalo in Native American culture.The buffalo's influence on Native American culture is immense. For centuries, Native Americans have lived in harmony with the buffalo, which provided them with food, shelter, and clothing. However, the white colonizers' arrival stole these traditions and caused a severe disruption in the Native American way of life. The loss of the buffalo significantly impacted the community's spiritual and cultural practices, causing much pain.Native American perspectives on spirituality and the power of the buffalo are rooted in respect for all living beings. Bison were considered sacred by the many tribes as it was regarded as an essential source of sustenance, protection, and inspiration. The buffalo's symbolism represents abundance, survival, strength, and sacredness, providing spiritual nourishment to the people who cherished their presence.In today's world, the significance of the buffalo and other Native American traditions may sometimes get overlooked. It is imperative to recognize their importance in preserving the Earth's natural balance and respecting all life. Understanding Native American spirituality and the power of the buffalo can help foster environmentalism, conservationism, and cultural understanding.In conclusion, Native American perspectives on spirituality and the power of the buffalo continue to hold significant meaning in their culture. The buffalo's connections with nature, spirituality, and human life are profound, and it is vital to keep these traditions and values alive. By doing so, we can honor the past and protect our future.