Wild Apan Super Daily

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4oz Apan Super Daily Formula: This is a liquid extract of Wild Apan Mushroom (a 2000% concentrate) and Organic Essential Oils of Black Cumin, Wild Sacred Frankincense, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, and Peppermint. (The Super contains 10 times more of the advanced technology extracted Sacred Frankincense than in the 2oz formula.) Suggested Use: Four or more milliliters a day by mouth in water or food. Four of the dropper squirts is equal to 4 ml. One bottle contains 30 daily servings.

Wild Apan Daily
"While I was studying to become a Medicine Man, I learned about the Apan mushroom. I asked my Medicine Chief what the therapeutic difference was between Apan and the Chaga mushroom I was familiar with. He said, 'Oh, the Apan is 1000% times better. "

– Man Found Standing, Medicine Man Practitioner